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  • The Nikolais / Louis Dance Technique

    The Nikolais/Louis Dance Technique is the definitive resource for understanding and practicing the influential dance technique developed by two pioneers of modern dance, Alwin Nikolais and Murray Louis.

    The accompanying DVD illustrates key elements of the technique.

    Publisher: Routledge; 1 edition (January 16, 2005)

  • Alwin Nikolais Electronic Dance Music album
    Alwin Nikolais Electronic Dance Music

    The electronic dance scores of master choreographer/composer Alwin Nikolais.

    Masterpieces from the 1960's to the 1980’s.

    Copyright: (C) 2007 Anthology of Recorded Music, Inc.

  • Inside Dance book by murray louis
    Inside Dance

    Inside dance, Murray Louis’ first book, is a collection of essays written during “Quiet time moments” on tours.

    This book is a sensitive and provocative look into a modern dancer’s experience, from the pain, laughter, inner visions and sweat, to the despair and glory of a dancer’s career.

    By: Murray Louis

    Publisher: St. Martins Press; 1st edition (July 1, 1980)

  • The World of Alwin Nikolais book
    The World of Alwin Nikolais

    The Nikolais/Louis Foundation presents a five video series of the dance theater works of Alwin Nikolais.

    “The work of a genius. A parade of theatrical marvels”. – London Times.

    “One of the most extraordinary theatrical wonders of the world”. – Washington Post.

  • Murray Louis in Concert video
    Murray Louis in Concert.

    Includes studio and live performance footage, including “Déjà vu”, “Junk Dances” and “Chimera”. Segments of ten other major solo works are also part of this video, along with interviews about the evolution of Mr. Louis’ art.

    Studio: Princeton Book Co

  • Dance as an Art Form.

    This series is filled with the joy of motion and desire to move. The film examines the dancer’s instrument from its preparation in the studio to its use in the eventual performance experience.

    Five part series: The Body, Motion, Space, Time and Shape.

  • The Returns of Alwin Nikolais: Bodies, Boundaries and the Dance Canon book
    The Returns of Alwin Nikolais:
    Bodies, Boundaries and the Dance Canon

    A groundbreaking choreographer, lighting designer, composer, and costumer, Alwin Nikolais (1910–1993) is recognized as one of the twentieth century's most innovative artists. Incorporating novel technological and performance tactics, he invented a total language of non-literal dance theater that attracted audiences worldwide for over forty years. The Returns of Alwin Nikolais is the first book devoted to a critical analysis of Nikolais's work, and it provides a broad and important overview of his artistic and philosophical trajectory. The volume brings together essays by scholars of dance history, theater studies, music, and art history, and includes primary materials such as reviews, diary excerpts, and photographs. It is a valuable resource for teachers and students of art and culture.

    By: Claudia Gitelman & Randy Martin

    Publisher: Wesleyan University Press (June 4, 2007)

  • A Dancer's Pocket Guide to Embodied Performance book
    A Dancer's Pocket Guide to Embodied Performance

    A Dancer's Pocket Guide to Embodied Performance takes an inside, experiential view of the art of dance performance. It encourages dancers to reach through and beyond technique into the rich landscape of expression that sensory embodiment allows. Whether exploring this broader territory as a student, performer, teacher or audience member, the concepts presented will help the reader gain insight into the expressive elements of the art of dance.

    By: Marcia Wardell Kelly

    Publisher: Epigraph Publishing (January 11, 2017)

  • Le Geste Unique
    Le Geste Unique

    (French Edition)

    Crateur majeur du XXe sicle et homme de spectacle virtuose, Nikolais fut l'inventeur d'un thtre dans original o mouvements, sons, lumires, couleurs et formes sont complmentaires, avec un appel frquent l'illusion. Adepte d'une danse abstraite qu'il mit au point ds les annes cinquante, il personnalisa le lien germano-amricain de la modern dance et excella autant sur scne (o il rgna en matre en tant que chorgraphe, compositeur, clairagiste et scnographe) que dans le studio de danse. Son enseignement, ax sur la triade technique-improvisation-composition, fut en effet trs couru et reste d'actualit aujourd'hui.

    By: Marc Lawton

    Publisher: DEUXIEME EPOQUE (August 16, 2018)

  • On Dance book by murray louis
    On Dance

    Murray Louis On Dance, written by one of today's great dancers, choreographers, and teachers, reveals what it's really like to be a performing artist. Part philosophy, part history, and part autobiography, this tender and witty work takes the reader on an odyssey from a Brooklyn orphanage where Louis was raised to the great concert halls of the world, home to some of his personal triumphs.

    By: Murray Louis

  • Alwin Nikolais italian edition
    Alwin Nikolais

    (Italian Edition)

    Alwin Nikolais (1910-1993) è il fondatore dell'unico teatro multimediale, un teatro totale di motion, suono, colore, luce, costume ed allestimenti scenici. Fondamento della trattazione di questo libro è l'abilità di Nikolais come insegnante di danza e pedagogo. I suoi danzatori erano guidati a mettere a frutto un training di movimento concepito come esperienza di totale partecipazione, ed erano chiamati a percepire con tutti i loro sensi i differenti livelli del movimento. Il suo insegnamento è chiaro e sviluppa un'analisi dei principi della danza e un metodo per chiarire il processo creativo.

    By: Francesca Pedroni

    Publisher: L'Epos (Jan. 1 2000)

  • La tecnica de dansa
    La tecnica de dansa

    (Catalan Edition)

    La técnica de Nikolais/Louis és una técnica compositiva. Té immplicació amb la totalitat de la persona - física, mental i espiritual -que és qui ha de dir quina part té més facilitat d'aprendre o quina té més importància.

    Translation by: Clàudia Brufau Bonet

    Publisher: DIP. DE BARCELONA

  • german lineage in modern dance
    german lineage in modern dance

    The pioneering new DVD release celebrates the legacy of modern dance that started in Germany before World War I and expanded into new dimensions in the United States in the late 20th century. The influence of this complex and compelling heritage has spanned decades and spread to diverse areas globally.



    Researched, Conceived and Performed by
    Dr. Betsy Fisher

    Producers: Dancetime Publications

  • choroscirpt

    Alwin Nikolais defined Choroscript as a method of notating body action on the two dimensional surface of a sheet of paper in a way which permits its reinterpretation into movement without distortion or loss of the choreographer’s intention.  The method “makes use of symbols representing actions and attitudes of the human body.” 

  • Nik & Murray Documentary
    Nik & Murray Documentary

    In 1985 Christian Blackwood embarked on a documentary project about his landlords and neighbors at 115 Bank Street in Manhattan, Alwin Nikolais and Murray Louis.


    Michael Blackwood & Christian Blackwood